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more foraging creations


I love walking along the beach picking up interesting bits and bobs - shells, pebbles, old bits of rope, driftwood etc.

We have a shed at home (full of what you might think of as rubbish) just waiting to be transformed into something special.

Here's an old bit of driftwood which Steve's cleaned up, treated and waxed and transformed into a wall sconce - beautiful!

A different kind of foraging

Old glass bottles
Old glass bottles
I love my collection of old bottles and glass which I display at home
Window display
I have collected them for years now and keep saying - no more!
Window display
New Find
New Find
Blue glass is my favourite and I found these last week in a local charity shop and I'm afraid I couldn't resist buying them. They were hidden at the back of a shelf and I felt like I'd found buried treasure! I'll have to find somewhere to display them at the Studio as there's no more room at home.
Blue Bottles at Wolf House Studio
Although I'm not too sure there'll be room here either!
Blue Bottles at Wolf House Studio

results of foraging

Driftwood sconceThis lovely peice of old floorboard had been washed up on the shore. Where had it come from and how long had it been in the water? Who knows, but after being dried, cleaned, sanded and waxed, it has retained all of it's character and beauty and with Steve's help, has become this gorgeous sconce.

more creations

I love driftwood and interesting pebbles. I can't resist bringing a few pieces home with me after a walk on the beach.
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